Sunday, May 03, 2009

Sunday Scenes

A lonely bird watching the prairie ( and been watched...)

Bananas everywhere!

A wooden bridge, I love this!

Can you imagine the smell of these green leaves? Oh, so refreshing! I can feel that my soul is calm and relaxed!

Autumn scene

This is a good day for taking pictures, so I told my husband and after Camila went with her aunt Ive to her new house ( I guess my little one wants to take a bath in the new fabulous bathtub covered by all those bubbles, good smell and so on and so forth...) we went into our car and I could take these pictures to show you.
If you come by here, it´s surrounded by banana trees, wide rivers, different birds and lots of wonderful nature and today, the weather is so great, not so hot, not so cold, a little windy and sunny. I wish everyday was lile that!
And I wanted so much to see the buffalos I´ve seen another day but ... not today , sorry guys!
This is a very short post, so, enjoy the photographs and have a memorable Sunday!

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Beti Copetti said...

As minhas cenas de domingo também foram da natureza, mas para o lado do azul...