Sunday, August 30, 2009

Reading and sewing

These past few days I´ve been reading and sewing and reading on and on ... The quilt I´ve been sewing is ready now ( and I intend to post a photograph later on) and this book: Family Meals - Creating traditions in the kitchen by Maria Helm Siskey ( mine, I bought online at is a great book for everyone who loves cooking with all the family and friends, to be in the kitchen together to make something delicious, simple and easy...

Here you see the quilt in progress, for Camila´s new bed! And the page of the salad I´ve made for my lunch on Friday.

This is the result, I had to make some changes in the recipe because I didn´t have them all but still, it was fresh, colorful and tasteful! And there´s more in this delicious book, the photographs are awesome and my daughter enjoys looking at them and asks me about the recipe of each page because it´s really entertaining and interesting.

Today it´s warm and sunny, the way I like my day. I´m enjoying my Sunday, how about you?

Have a wonderful week !



Lori ann said...

I'm enjoying mine too dear Mina!
your quilt is fantastic, what a beautiful job you've done.
I love the way you include your daughter in the preparing of meals, she'll benefit from this the rest of her life! Have you heard of Apples For Jam? it's another family centered cookbook I love (got mine at Amazon too)
take good care,
lori ♥

Mina said...

Hi dear Lori,
I hope you are alright.
I always enjoy my time with my daughter especially when we are in the kitchen making lots of mess!! Oh, I´ve got my Apples For Jam, too, it´s fantastic! Thank you for the tip! Have a wonderful week!

Santo Pano said...

Hi, your blog is very beautiful !! Fabiana.

Nakinha said...
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Mina said...

Hi Fabiana! Thank you for visiting , I hope you enjoy my posts from now on , too!

Kate said...

ohhh, that books sounds wonderful. Ever since discovering Feeding the Whole Family, I'm always on the look out for more cookbooks that offer that all-in-the-kitchen philosophy:) And ah, a finished quilt-- I imagine it must feel fantastic. As I'm just (finally) learning to sew, I do believe that kind of joy is a ways off for me;)

gardenmama said...

Beautiful photos Mina!
I like the things that are filling your day : )

Sweet bug said...
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Sweet bug said...
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Sweet bug said...

I am back to normal working hours. I am loving giving classes on its proper time.
Ladies and Gents in the morning hours. Kids come later on.
I am late with the pictures too. Will send them as soon as I can.

Mina said...

Dear Kate, cooking with children are the most interesting and funny activity at home , isn´t it?
And this quilt will be on my daughter´s bed for a long time, I hope! So you are sewing? That´s great!!! And thank you for visiting my Blog!

Dear Nicole, you are always so welcome here, thank you !!!

Andrea, I´m glad you are back!Wishing you a wonderful Okaeri!