Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dad´s corner

These days I´ve been at my dad´s office at his house and I´ve found some treasures that he left here before going to Japan where he lives by this time.

He has this collection of train models ...

This is a set of tiny wooden toys : The musician of Bremen

A very old match box that my grandpa gave me and I kept for years, then one day I had this idea of framing it and gave to my dad as a birthday gift.

My father is a very organized person and since I know him he is an antique lover and we used to go to flea markets and antique shops when I was very little.
He loves coffee grinders, samurai sword´s acessories , old cameras, photographs and trains.
This is my father´s family symbol , I guess every Japanese family has one and I love this beautiful flower and I have a sticker that we made on the computer and it´s on my car window. Somehow it makes me feel protected and always reminds me that I´m part of this family.

Last week my Dad celebrated his 82nd birthday and I wish him the most blessed celebration and I also hope that he may live his new life in Japan with joy and happiness!!!

And wishing you some moments of reflection to feel and see the beautiful things that this life offers to all of us.

With much love,



Vanessa Maurer said...

Eeeeeeeeeeee um vivo para o papis! Muita saúde neste novo ano de vida!

life in yonder said...

So many beautiful things... Hope your dad enjoys his new life in Japan.