Monday, November 02, 2009

This weekend

Halloween isnt´a great tradition in our country but at home, yes, we do enjoy these creepy things like making secret potions!!

The best thing to do when the day is so warm and the blue sky is all around : spend the day outside as much as we can, walk barefoot on the fresh green grass, take a ride on the poney with dad, swim , fish, whatever you want, it warms our hearts, have you ever tried it? oh, and I can´t get enough of the beautiful blue sky and those funny clouds floating and playing with each other...

Christmas decoration is already set at the Mall we use to go and what´s the best way to visit Santa´s house? With a very good friend to share all the hopes and dreams these decoration brings!

Back to the sewing studio, lots of organizing and plenty of sewing , cold coffe with milk, fruits ... oh, how I love all these tapes, ribbons and colorful fabrics!!!

Today it´s Holiday and I´ve spent the morning sewing pretty little things to sell , I must rush, make some more because time flies!

I love doing these kid´s kit that holds stickers, crayons, a tiny notebook and a little game. A great gift that can be refilled anytime!

And here´s wishing you a week full of happiness, love and fun whatever season you may be enjoying!



jacqueline said...

I adore those photos you took! Your little ones are sooo adorable. :) I cab't believe it's that time of the year again where we get busy with making christmas gifts! The christma decorations are not out here yet in this city but i am already in christmas mood and listerning to christmas tunes! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to yoU!

Sweet bug said...

Hi!!I see that you had a fun weekend... And that filled my heart with joy!! Mayumi had a day off from school. Today was a national holiday... for some. Not for me though!Today was "Bunnka no hi". Culture day!! It is almost Christmas. And we are going to put out the Christmas Decorations at work next week. Have a fun week and sewing time!!

Mina said...

Jacqueline: I love the christmas time, isn´t it so enchanting? Oh, I will visit you to see the cute things you are making!!! Thank you for coming here!
Have a wonderful week!

Andrea: Don´t you just love the Christmas mood? What´s gonna be Mayumi´s Santa´s gift?

Beti Copetti said...

Mina, que tesouro estas fitas! Adorei!