Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Into the holidays - Day Four

Beautiful Orchids...

A cart loaded with flower boxes...

and more flowers, amazing colours!! I loved them!!!

Endives with gorgonzola cheese with nuts and crostata bread

His speciality, Beef Stew with mushrooms and shitake, fabulous lunch!!!!!

Early in the morning I went with my choir friends to Ceasa and I could admire and see lots of colorful flowers and plants. Since it´s a holiday many sellers hadn´t come today but even so, it was nice to see those kaleidoscope of reds , yellows and greens!

My brother cooked for us and the lunch was served with style , at his apartment and everything was perfect, the companionship, the drink, the laugh among five women!!! And Edu took care of Camila that gave up going to the movies and preferred staying home with him, that´s good, they just went out for lunch and they spent some time together.

It was a rainy day and now it´s fresh outside, phew!

Ken, thank you for the delicious lunch today! We are all looking forward to the next,hahaha!!!

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Sweet bug said...

Aaa! Iinaaaa! So many pretty flowers! I see you are having fun! And your post brings be a little bit of peace of mind! Have to go!!
Love you!