Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sacred mornings


Bread and Butter, melting... yummy!

Minas cheese

I think that breakfast is sacred for you can change your humour by eating something very delicious like papaya that I do eat every day, every morning and when I don´t have it, it sounds that something is missing.

I love cheese, especially these ones called queijo de Minas ( Minas Gerais is a state down in Brazil where I was born) and it´s light, good for diets! I´m always on diet!

When I feel very hungry then I cook some pancakes just to use Maple Syrup , this one was bought in Maine, oh, I love this one! It´s so tasty and it makes the difference in any pancake! Camila loves , too! And the smell of it, it´s de-li-cious!

So today´s post was about food! I´m getting hungry now, it´s tea time so excuse me, I´m heading straight to the kitchen! Oh, I forgot, I´m on diet...

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Lori ann said...

Your pictures are lovely Mina and they are making me hungry too. That papaya looks yummy!
♥ lori

Sweet bug said...

Hmmm! Queijo Minas. The other day Harvard brought some home. He went all the way to Gotanda to buy some for me!! Cute! Comi frito uma ignorante!! Como e bom!!! Maple Syrup ... Hmmm! We love those too!
The pictures are beautiful as usual!!

Beti Copetti said...

Mineira, então!!! Não imaginava!

Mas falando sobre este café da manhã, posso me convidar? Eu levo chá de maçã com baunilha. Posso? Posso???