Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Helping hand

Are you ready ? It´s all set with craft materials on the table...

Drawing on the plate with toothpick , using your imagination you can draw anything!

Use your favorite color and paint the plate you´ve drawn and stamp on the bag

Here they are!

This is another idea she came out! Collage with origami papers

This little girl with tiny hands has helped me at home like this moment of creativity when we decided to decorate the Christmas paper bags to be given in a few days at the event I´m planning at Bia´s studio.

I had nothing in mind, couldn´t think about anything because of the thousands of duties, chores and things in my mind so I asked my kid to think about something to decorate the bags that should be easy, fast and fun!

So she came with this idea of stamping with these styrofoam plates that always acumulate in the trash can. She learned at school and now she wanted to show me at home and voilá, it worked!

I finally knew that children has a different way of thinking, they are practical, full of creativity and imagination and I´m so very glad for having this helping hand right in front of me!

Okay, now we have work to do, lots of bags and bags and bags to stamp! Bye for now and have a wonderful , inspiring Wednesday!



Sweet bug said...

Wow!! Que lindo!! Ela e criativa nao?
And I am very proud of her.

Parabems Camila!!


sonia said...

hauhauhauahuahuhuah essa mãe é superrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,bjus so

Lori ann said...

Wonderful! how clever is your little girl? I love it, so cute and practical.
blessings Mina.

Mina said...

Andrea: Thank you , Camila says so!! And take care you all!!!

Sonia: Se vc. estivesse aqui a farra seria maior ainda!

Lori: Thank you, she is so excited about Christmas and giving gifts! Take care.

Vanessa Maurer said...

Mina, que coisa mais amada vocês duas juntas fazendo essas sacolas... ficaram muito especiais! Vou pedir ajuda prá Letícia também! Adorei a idéia!
Beijocas querida... Van

Beti Copetti said...

Mas que bela ideia! Esta pequeninha é um arraso!

life in yonder said...

What a perfect idea! Child friendly, easy and fast :-)

harumi said...

Mina, não sei o que eu gostei mais: se a ideia prática, simples e linda; se a ajuda fofa da Camila; se o carinho de vcs duas fazendo coisas juntas. acho q vou ficar com todas as alternativas!
da harumi

Mina said...

Van: Imagine você e a Letícia juntas, devem fazer muita arte juntas!!

Beti: Nada como uma mãozinha para ajudar no trabalho! Ainda bem que ela curte!

Mina said...

Anne Marie: Thank you, we had lots of fun together!!

Harumi: Obrigada pelo seu carinho de sempre, beijos!

jacqueline said...

She is adorable and so talented!! I adore these little bags you helped made! I hope you and your family had a good thanksgiving and i would like to give thanks to you for being such an inspiration and sending your love and support my way! Love to yoU!

Mina said...

Jacqueline: I am so glad that I met you on the net, you are very inspiring and your words are always so comforting, thank you!

RunninL8 said...

Hey there from Alaska! I am LOVING your blog! Beautiful photos and inspiration! The bags are such a great idea! My 5 yr old will LOVE this!
I’ve been discovering a lot of new (to me) blogs and it’s been wonderful to find so many like minded people!
Feel free to drop by my blog as well. I’ve been enjoying posting more prolifically lately- Advent/holiday gift ideas, recipes, insights and tutorials.
Off I go to peruse more of your blog- thanks for the many holiday ideas! Happy holidays!