Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I´ve been working a lot these days but these busy moments were always filled by colors, texture, playing time and ...

... these tiny matrioska dolls inspired by a gift that came from Russia were my latest creation

Which now, are all stuffed and ready to be adopted !
Some of them are already in new homes, thank you!

And while I was sewing , she was playing alone near my working space , stood quiet

with her wooden toys and little Thomas train .

And outside in our little garden ,nature gives us this wonderful gift.
From this small white petals flowers...

comes Acerola fruit with its juicy , high vitamin C content and bright red colored fruit that´s cultivated widely here in our country , Brazil.

The juice is so refreshing in this hot summer days of December!

Just to explain, these photos were taken last weekend and I am sorry for the delay on my posts.
Here we are in December and I have lots of plans to my house, to our family, things to tell and exciting places to go... And I´ll post as much as I can to keep contact with all of you.
Thank you for reading and commenting here , I want you to know that your words encourage me and warms my heart so deeply in such a special way .

May your December be full of joy , love, creativity and inspiration. With much love,



sonia said...

Beautiful..........I love doll´s...........

Mina said...

Sô: lembrei da loja que fomos na vila Madá ! bjs!!!

jacqueline said...

I always adore all your gorgeous photos and look at those lovely flowers in your garden...love!

Your little matrioska dolls are soooo adorable!! Really cute and perfect for gift giving! :) Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Sweet bug said...

You always have fantastic ideas!!
Everything alright down there? We are all doing well up here in the cold. Brrrrr!!

Mina said...

Dear Jacqueline: Thank you for your lovely words!They make me smile!!! Have a lovely week!

Andrea: It´s everything fine up here and getting hot, would you send some cold breeze, please?

Vanessa Maurer said...

Logo imaginei que você estivesse com muito trabalho... de qualquer forma, é sempre bom ver suas postagens e fotos quando podes fazê-las! Tenha um lindo mês de dezembro! Beijocas

Lori ann said...

This is so beautiful Mina, how did i miss this post?

I love all your gentle photos and words, and oh those little dolls! so adorable. You are so talented. with love,