Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ten things I´m loving...

This is an interesting exercise and I´ve been making lists on and on. Here I´ll post 10 things that I´m in love right now. Not necessarily in that order.
1. Early in the morning the first sunlight coming inside the sewing studio... so inspiring!

2. Looking around my home and finding things I´ve sewn years ago... still in use

3. Celebrating birthdays!
This one? For the 3 years old " Foquinha" the little elephant seal . Happy Birthday little one!

4. My new red shoes, so comfortable... They take me everywhere, I wish they had wings!

5. Taking pictures here and there in a desperate way of practicing...

6. Ladybugs, aren´t they so cute?

7. Celebrating life!

8. Baking muffins , eating them with a cup of coffee...

9. Stormy weather, wind, raindrops that turn into...

10. a new landscape , day after day ... Isn´t life so amazing?

How about you? What are your favorite things in your daily life?



Sweet bug said...

... Thinking carefully, I do have 10 things I like too. And I thank God that I have them... We should all sit down and list them up like you did. Just to remind us how fortunate we are, right?
Love you!

Beti Copetti said...

Gostei da ideia! Vou tentar fazer a minha lista também!

Vanvan said...

Mina, vc como sempre, muito inspiradora...vou tentar fazer a minha! Bjkas, Van.

Miki said...

Oi Mi,
Adorei !
vou ver se faço a minha listinha dos Dez também !
A alguns anos atrás, antes de Lê e Boru eu conseguia fazer com mais facilidade essa e outras listas, eu me dava esse tempo, ultimamente tudo tem sido tão corrido e atropelado !
Obrigada por me lembrar de parar e curtir esse tempo agora, novamente mas numa nova fase.

Mina said...

Andrea: You are so right and I must thank for everything I have , too! Love you so much!

Beti: Vale a idéia né, eu adoro fazer listas!! beijos!

Van: Depois me conte , aposto que tem mais de dez,hehe!! beijos!

Miki: A vida vai mudando e a gente vai tentando se adaptar na medida do possível... Venha em casa tomar um chá para relaxar, amiga! beijos!

jacqueline said...

Mina, i adore reading your ten things!! The first thing that come in mind when i think of my ten things i'm loving is my morning cup of coffee and visiting lovely blog friends! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Nakinha said...
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Mina said...

Jacqueline: Thank you for your kind words, they make my day!
Have a blessed and inspiring weekend, my blog friend!

Implosion said...

I really love your blog- this is my first visit and this post left me with such a positive feeling.
That's something we all should resolve to be in 2010!

gardenmama said...

Thank you for sharing this positive post! It is so lovely to see and hear the bright spots of your days! : )

jacqueline said...

Dearest Mina, im dropping in to see how you are doing. :)I've been busy preparing for chinese new year and valentine's but so gald i found the time to drop by here to visit you! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and a wonderful sweet valentine's! Love to you!

Mina said...

Implosion: Thank you , I hope you have a great week!

Nicole: Your posts also make me feel so great and I love your photographs!They are so inspiring and magical!!

Jacqueline: How was your chinese new year and valentines celebration? Have a wonderful week!

harumi said...

ah, mina, amei a sua lista! e suas fotos!
tb adoro muffins (e cupcakes) e sapatos vermelhos (os seus estão lindos!)
da harumi

Mina said...

Harumi: Fazer listas vira vício mas é uma delícia não é? Nossa, temos muita coisa em comum, depois vou te visitar no seu site, beijinhos!

Lori ann said...

dear mina, i'm sorry i've been so late coming by for a visit!
i LOVE this post. your photos are wonderful, so inspiring. i love your shoes, i wish i could find a pair too. but my favorite is the morning light, isn't that the best?

i see a little owl in the studio cute!

lots of love,

sonia said...

Minaaaaaaaaaaa,que lindo está tudo menina,sua casa,a filhota ,as paisagens,continuo indo pelas fotos e estou adorando seus clicks.............
beijos so

Mina said...

Lori: Thank you for taking your time coming here. The owl I made to Camila when she was 3 and now it´s in my place because she has lots of other creatures in her bed! Take care! Love, Mina

So: Definitivamente você precisa vir aqui, longe né, mas te compenso com um "drink" ,hehehe!!!