Tuesday, June 22, 2010

handmade bunting

It´s World Cup season and to celebrate this exciting moment I made this green + yellow + blue ( Brazilian flag ) to decorate our living room and for those who want to make one of this, take a look at this tutorial , it´s written in Portuguese but it´s quite easy because there are great photos to follow. Try it, enjoy it!!!

Before hanging it inside our house I took this picture outside, much better with the natural light!

Well, I guess we are all set to watch the next match!



Vanessa Maurer said...

Fiquei feliz ao ver um pedacinho do meu atelier na tua casa... o tecidinho infantil, é ele mesmo? Ficou um charme esse gargaland! Beijocas

Sweet bug said...

Yay!! Brasil!!!!! Yes yes yes!! We too are holding on to our little set too!! Bandeira, uniforme, and all those fun things we made up! Hihihi!

Lori ann said...

Go Brasil! darling bunting Mina, the perfect world cup accesorie, much better than the vevezula!

Mina said...

Van: finalmente eu usei aquele lindo tecido! Com certeza você está aqui na minha sala, de alguma forma,hehe!

Andrea: I can imagine how fun it is to wear and decorate with Brazilian colors there in Japan!

Lori: Thank you, I love sewing buntings because they are so quick and easy!!!