Monday, June 14, 2010

So much to tell...

I´ve been away from this space since a long time and the reason was an awful fever , headache and the entire body feeling bad. Finally I am away from the bed!

There were days of comfort coming from my dear partner, husband and Dad of my daughter ( who was in the same situation) that made our days better , our home was always warm and he took care of us so amazingly, thank you!

These are pictures of some sewing I´ve made some days ago , this one with the Matrioska design was a gift to a very close friend to keep her wet tissue package inside. I loved making it, I embroidered, used some ric racs, so much fun!


These colors attracted me for the beauty, the simplicity and the combination, I enjoyed making this one also.
Here is the detail of a vintage button given from a friend and used here , very carefully.

The front and...
the back
And inside.

Last Sunday´s report: Coral Sonia ( my Mom´s Choir Group) at the Recital of 18 years was a great success, congratulations Mom!!! And thank you for letting me be part of this wonderful old ladies group, it´s a big honor for me. I love you all!!!!

Clara, my sister in law was the pianist and she was amazing!

At the end, everybody ( including the audience) could sing together, Japanese old songs that they reminded from the deep of their hearts, I guess those were the songs they used to listen when they were kids, in Japan, with their family... it was beautiful, some of them cried and were very touched.
Music has universal language and this moment showed me that´s so true.

Have a lovely, wonderful week . Tomorrow I´ll be watching the FIFA World Cup!!!!Thank you for coming here !!!!



gardenmama said...

I am so sorry to hear you have been sick : (
What a beautiful group to be a part of, how lovely!

Vanessa Maurer said...

O outono é danado para deixar todo mundo com gripe... fico feliz que já tenham melhorado... Adorei as costuras, é para carregar algo de bebê? (acho que vi um lencinho umedecido por ali, rs)... Boa Copa amanhã! Bjo bjo

Beti Copetti said...

Por enquanto eu consegui me manter longe de gripes e resfriados. É muito ruim, principalmente quando temos muito trabalho esperando!
E fiquei encantada com o grupo se emocionando com antigas canções japonesas. Acho o máximo esta tua participação no coral!
Boa semana, Mina! E excelente jogo pra nós! :-)

Sweet bug said...

I can see that you are well now... You've gone back to your sewing! kkk! Sinal que a Mina esta melhor!! I loved the Choir pictures! Did any recording go on?
Be well!! Am looking forward to see your Mom!!
Love you!

Angela said...

What lovely things you are able to make! And the choir pictures are beautiful. I know the German emigrants in Brazil also connect via their old music. A friend of our with his Shanty Choir once visited Blumenau and was welcomed very warmly.
Japan won their first game! But Brazil will win the Cup!

jacqueline said...

Dearest Mina, i am so sorry to hear that you were sick! Your hubby is just so sweet and wonderful! I am happy you are well again! Missed you lots!
Your little purses to keep tisse package are gorgeous! I love the selection of fabrics and the lovely design! Oh and how wonderful to be a part Mom´s Choir Group! Sounds amazing! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Mina said...

Nicole: I am feeling much better now, thank you! Yes, this choir group is awesome!! thanks!

Van: Fiz um presentinho para minha cunhada, é de colocar lenço umedecido , tem um botãozinho para fechar e é legal para carregar na bolsa. Boa Copa para você também! beijos, querida!

Beti: Adorei o jogo, agora vamos ver e torcer no próximo, certo? beijos !!

Mina said...

Andrea: Takao recorded a CD and certainly Mom will take one copy for you! aguarrrde! beijos!

Angela: I am so excited that you know about Blumenau! I would love to listen your friend´s Choir as well!!

Jacqueline: You are lovely , I wish you a wonderful week full of inspiration and beautiful creations!!

Miki said...

espero que tenha melhorado, gripe é um caos... lembrei de vc todos estes dias, andei meio tossindo mas correndo às voltas com o coral da escola, não basta ser mãe, tem que participar ! Vou ver se consigo uma cópia da apresentação que tivemos no Anhembi... foi bem natsukashii, cantamos com os adolescentes músicas em japonês, inglês e português o pior foi fazer a coreografia, cantar e decorar a letra já é difícil e bater palmas ritmado junto...
Boa recuperação e muito cházinho, tá um frio... e bom jogo no domingo. bjs, Miki

Lori ann said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon Mina, that is not fun.
In the meantime i Love what you've been sewing, they are such pretty and useful items. Have you thought about setting up your own Etsy shop and making some to sell?
Get well and have a lovely weekend!
xoxo lori

p.s. your Mom's group is so special.

Mina said...

Miki: Estou tomando antibióticos e agora estou beeem melhor, infelizmente a Camila perdeu a festa junina na semana passada... E bom jogo hoje, vamos torcer!!!

Lori: I am seriously thinking about the Etsy shop but I confess I need some courage to put something to sell and I´ve been reading a lot about it . Thank you for your suggestion, it´s so very welcome and encouraging!! Love to you!