Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A weekend of gifts, prayer and love

This past weekend:

My husband´s cousin became Reverend Deacon of the Anglican Church and a beautiful ceremony was held in a beautiful chapel .

Many important people of the Anglican Church came to celebrate this ceremony...

And the new Reverend got flowers from Camila!

After the ceremony we had a wonderful and delicious tea time with all the visitors that came from other cities and the party was very entertaining!
Cute little people showed up!

And then on Monday... more good things happened!!!

Jacqueline from So cute it hurts had sent to me these amazing things that she sells on her cute Etsy Shop
Many kinds of Tea, so full of cute details, amazing material and the entire package was so incredibly wrapped that I HAD to take pictures !

I will keep them all because I feel that she makes every little thing with so much love and I really admire this talented crafty sweet lady! Thank you so much, Jacqueline!!!

And at night the surprise kept coming !!

My sweet little daughter made this pincushion for me with recycled material, wrapped in a paper she draw herself and of course, a pink ribbon for Mom!! Thank you , darling!!!

Wishing to all of you a great, inspiring day!!! Thank you for stopping by!



Vanessa Maurer said...

Parabéns a família, pela cerimônia.
E que pacotes mais lindos daquela moça não? Adorei!

Mãe da Rita said...

Adorei a surpresa que a Camila fez, que doce :-)

Sweet bug said...

Que delicia de final de semana!!
Beijos para voce!!
Love you!1

Déia said...

Olá querida, a primeira foto está linda...Super expressa como foi especial a cerimônia!
Adorei sua visitinha no meu blog e as palavras doces, flor :)

Mina said...

Van: Obrigada, querida!
Sim, a Jacque faz tudo com muito capricho, como você! beijos!!!

Mãe da Rita: Olá! Essa menina adora fazer surpresas, sempre!! beijos e obrigada pela sua visita!

Andrea: Love you too! Beijos!!

Déia: Sempre é bom visitar seu blog, adoro as suas novidades!!! beijos e obrigada!

Lori ann said...

Wonderful, inspiring post dear Mina.
That is the cutest pin cushion i've ever seen.

How are you feeling these days? i hope very well.


*~kAy~* said...

So many gifts in one day :)
That's always nice :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Mina, so many wonderful news and happy gifts! This is such a beautiful post and it made me smile. Beautiful ceremony and beautiful people. :) I adore that cute little pincusion that your sweet little one made for you! It's soo adorable! Ohhh and i am so HAPPY that your lovely package arrived safe! And even more happier to know that you love your goodies! Thank you so much for your love, support and kind words you always send my way! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

a little crafty nest said...

Mina, A treat to stop in and take a peek. A lovely time for your family! Oh, and I love the bag tutorial...I'll be back to make a few for my children to use while walking in the woods! Thank you, Jules

Mina said...

Lori: I´m much better now after 3 months,finally I am feeling like a "normal" person, again, thank you!!!

Kay: Thank you for stopping by, have a nice weekend!!

Jules: Thank you for coming by and for your kind words. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Angela said...

Dear Mina, were you nauseated, you poor chick? But all the trouble they give us is worth it, just look at your Camila and the gift she made for you!
Your stories are always so pleasant! Even if I don`t write much, you are always on my mind. One day we`ll need your language skills, just wait!

gardenmama said...

What an absolutely sweet day full of surprises you enjoyed! You deserve every bit of this goodness! xo

Mina said...

Geli: I´ve been feeling much better now. Thank you for coming and I am also thinking of you, always...

Nicole: Your kind words always make me smile, thank you!!

shi said...

quanta coisa boa :)
presentinhos, momentos lindos para marcar a história da família e carinho de filha :)
eu amo teu blog, mina, de verdade :D


jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Mina, i hope all is well and you are well! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!