Sunday, March 21, 2010


My dear friends from the Choir group and my sister in law´s mother who invited us to a delightful lunchtime at the Golf Club where we spent some great time talking , laughing and eating ...
These "bento bags" I made ( except the blue string one) to Camila to take her snack to school every day. I wanted to make something related to each day of the week and Wednesday´s is missing, it´s Fruit Day and I haven´t made it but this week I ´ll try to. A fabric with some fruit on it...

But since I haven´t made it, I pack the fruit ( here the grape box) and I put it inside the bento bag with a small fabric napkin or towel. My girl enjoys it when I add some note , it´s always a surprise for her.

Sunday afternoon, a little craft moment making mosaic box. It´s easy, it´s cute and it´s so fast to make it ! A friend of mine sells these Mosaic Kits and Camila is a huge fan , this is the second piece she´s working on and when she was a toddler she used to make a paper mosaic on pen cases and photo frames that were also really fun!

Actually, there´s no age limit to have fun, isn´t it?

Step by step, she completes the scenery, the top of a wooden box.

Where she says she will keep her little things ...

I was having lunch with those dearest friends, Camila and daddy went to an amazing place and he took some pictures showed down here:

Espaço Catavento is a unique place , a science museum that also kids will be excited,there are many hands-on activities that give visitors the chance to experiment themselves scientific principles in a fun, educational way.

It´s located inside an old beautiful architectural construction that once was the City Hall and there are many sections, a brilliant museum of science, art and human perception .

This is a piece of meteor that she touched and as she said, she touched something from the space!
Well, these are some things that we made this weekend and I hope yours was great , too!!! Tell me what you´ve done!

Wishing you a brilliant and wonderful week!!!



Lori ann said...

dear mina,
i'm so glad you had a wonderful lunch and spent time out with friends!

i LOVE the bento bags, you are so clever, they are really cute as well as practical. i am really enjoying your photos too!

camilla looks so cute at the museum, she is lucky to have such a sweet mom as you!

♥ lori

Mina said...

Lori: on Friday I had a terrible headache and all I wanted was a good weekend and then it turned out so better than I thought! Love to you!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Boa Semana querida... que ela seja iluminada, produtiva e muito feliz! Beijos

Beti Copetti said...

Guriazinha talentosa esta Camila, hem? Uma graça o trabalho de mosaico!
Boa semana, Mina, é sempre um prazer passar por aqui!

Sweet bug said...

Hi Mina!!OOOOba!! Guarapiranga!!
I believe the Club changed a lot!!I don't quite know what my father did with his membership... I miss the "Misto quente e um suco de laranja that I used to ask for at the counter which I could hardly reach at that time...
You had a nice weekend and so did Camila with Dad!! Good for you!!

Claudia Rumi said...

MIna, te segui pelo blog da MIki(sou ceramista tb).Creio que te conheço, mas nao tenho certeza. Que mulher caprichada, hein!?
Parabéns pela criatividade!
Ja xeretei

Mina said...

Van: Muito obrigada , sua visita por aqui sempre me deixa feliz!

Beti: Adoro suas visitas por aqui também, beijos e boa semana!

Mina said...

Andrea: The first time I went was with you, a long time ago and I have only good memories from there!

Claudia: Seja benvinda sempre!Obrigada pela sua visita, beijos!