Monday, May 17, 2010

40 and feeling good!

The Mad Hatter Tea Party that my little one and I made to celebrate my birthday.

May, 15th was my birthday and now I left my 39 years... I am 40 now!!!
Wow, I never thought it would come but I still remember my 18 years as if it was yesterday ...

Thank you for my lovely friends , blogger friends that called me or came up to say Hi! on the phone, at my house , e-mails and phone messages, I love you all and you mean so much to me!

All those presents, gifts and lovely cards, flowers that fills every corner of my house with beautiful colors and amazing scents, I don´t know how to express my gratitude.

Have a lovely , sunny week, I am so thrilled at this moment , I mean these days; that I wanted to share my feelings with you all.



Maria Amélia said...

Parabéns, vc acaba de entrar para a turma dos "enta". Pra sair agora é só quando fizer 100 (risos). Muita saúde, paz e amor. bjs. mamélia

Lori ann said...

Happy Birthday dear Mina!!
You look beautiful, only 40? you are a baby still!

I hope you had a wonderful day at the tea party, I bet Camilla loved doing that. Those lollipops look yummy!

blessings and good wishes for the year ahead.
♥ lori

Sweet bug said...

Yeeeehaaaa!! Happy Birthday!!
And many happy returns. You had the tea party, and I sometimes feel like the mad hatter. Going crazy, and wild! Hahaha!
Love you!!

Angela said...

Muita saúde, querida Mina, you are only forty? As Lori said, that is still so YOUNG! And by the way, you will remain 18 in your heart, even when you are old and grey.
Can you please translate a sentence for me? I do not have your mail address. What does: "When you pump up the ball, please wet the needle first" mean in Portuguese?

Pil said...


Ive just saw that your birthday was 5 days ago. But i want to wish you all the best anyway.



Beti Copetti said...

Parabéns, Mina! Sempre muita saúde e muita felicidade! E que teus olhos e teu coração sempre saibam ver a vida assim, doce, colorida e muito bonita!

Mina said...

Mamélia: Obrigada pelo seu carinho, 100 é?!!! Então falta bastante e me sinto super novinha para chegar lá! beijos!

Lori: You are so kind for saying "only" 40!! Thank you and yes, Camila loved all the making of the party! Love to you.

Mina said...

Andrea: Mad Hatter sometimes appears in front of us, doesn´t he? ( or she?) thank you , sister!

Angela: I am so happy you are here, thank you for your kindness! Oh, I will send you an e-mail relating to the translation ok? Have a great weekend!

Patricia: Muito obrigada pelo seu carinho, thank you so much!

Beti: Sempre tão acolhedora, muito obrigada querida, pela sua visita aqui, beijos!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Querida... não pude prestigiá-la no grande dia, sinto muito... Mas, fica aqui os meus desejos de um bom novo ano da sua vida, com muito amor, carinho e paz de espírito!

Kerri said...

congrats on turning 40- i turn 41 in about a month. 40 was a a biggy for me, but not nearly as big as the anticipation of it-

anyway, happy birthday!

jacqueline said...

OMG dear Mina, i am sooo sorry to only saw this post today! Happy belated birthday and i hope you had a wonderful celebration. May all your wishes come true and may you be healthy and pretty as always! Lots of love to you!

vera said...

que blog bonito ! parab+ens !