Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Rain and then the Sun!

A week of cloudy rainy days... But a good week because I´ve met old friends at the Christmas Craft Bazaar my dear friend Bia held in her studio full of good vibration , harmony and beautiful trees around the house.And of course, lots of handmade craft made by talented artists, pottery, paper goods , bags and fabric stuff.

Inside the Studio , Camila went with me and so did baby César.

And on Sunday the sun appeared to enrich our day spent with my Dad.
Baby César was very happy, odiitchan ( Grandpa) played with him and he laughed hysterically!

Baby César and Edu

We went to São Roque and Camila took the chair lift with her Dad and admired the small town from the lift. " I hate heights so... no thank you, I´ll stay here to take a picture of you two."

I´ll be back in this space maybe next week, there are lots of things to be done here, right now . So, I´ll leave you now wishing you lots of happiness and joy in this Christmas season!



Angela said...

I am scared of heights, too, but the two seem to have so much fun! Also César and his grandpa! That is a special love, the one between grandparents and grandchildren.
How I would love to join you for a day`s excursion, Mina, and then we`d fly back here to Hamburg and take a walk! Bring your boots and gloves, it has become cold! Cheers from a wintery Germany!

Sweet bug said...

Hi Mina! Lovely pictures of the family! How's your Dad? He must be tired from the trip. Please give your Mom and Dad my best of heart. And tell them that I am very sorry for not even being able to talk to them on the phone :(
Beijos para voces my dear.

Sandra said...

Hi Mina!!!Que dia gostoso com seus amores(os filhos e o paizão).Isso é para nos tornar mais felizes e com a certeza de que somos essenciais um para o outro,para que cresçamos a cada dia melhorando nossas nossa caminhada.Beijo no seu coração lindo e de seus familiares!!!Que seu natal seja muito iluminado e feliz junto as pessoas que você ama e que te amam.Paz querida!!!

kyndale_pease said...

It's so beautiful where you live. Can I ride that lift sometime? What a view!!!! xo

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet mina, this is such a beautiful happy post! Your friend's studio is amazingly beautiful and São Roque really have gorgeous view! Have a beautiful sunday sweet friend. Wishing you a wonderful festive time with your friends and family!! Love to you!