Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dad went to his last Sushi class this Saturday and during the week he prepared some delightful sushi for my Mom´s friends and since I visited him I could taste some of his new specialty!
And this week it felt that we were eating , visiting and tasting everything Oriental as you can see on the next pictures.

Close to our house, there´s a chinese Buddhist Temple called Templo Zu Lai with its precise layout and harmonious structure and it is praised for its surrounding tranquil environment.

The next day there would be a great event for the Year of the Dragon , so there is a beautiful one and in ancient China, the celestial Dragon represents an emperor and power. Today, it is the ultimate auspicious symbol of success and happiness.

Now you can see a photo took by my husband who spent one week in Japan, this was taken from the hotel he stayed , on the 40th floor, by night. Isn´t Hamamatsu beautiful?

And he is back after a long week , we missed him so much!

He had some time for shopping and he bought these great magazines and books for me, isn´t he lovely? And some delicious green tea from his Japanese friend.

In Dad´s absence, baby César behaved very well and I can´t tell how much my little girl helped me in everything. She´s learning how to take care of her little brother so well , she´s lovely and kind and very patient with him.

And here is Daddy , welcome back home!!!
Home, sweet , home.

How did you like this "Oriental" week with us? Have a wonderful week and may the celestial Dragon bring great good luck to everyone!



Ana Matusita said...

Só coisas deliciosas na sua semana oriental!
E sua mocinha e seu mocinho estão lindos!

Sweet bug said...

Ei que delicia!Sera que o Edu ficou no Okura Hotel? Saudades daquele lugar... They were my client in the past. And spent great time there too. We also stay there every now and again.
Good to see you guys so well! And Happy Year of the Dragon. beijos.

Mina said...

Ana: As coisas boas a gente tem que compartilhar aqui né? Beijos e boa semana!

Andrea:Yes , indeed, he stayed at Okura, I didn´t know they were your client! Happy Year of the Dragon! beijos!

Angela said...

So different from my world, and yet so familiar in all its love. You are such an inspiration for me, Mina! And Daddy is so handsome!
Can you read those magazines? To me, I`d need the pictures. This is one language I`ll never learn. Cheers from an icy cold Germany!

Mina said...

Geli: I´ve learned Japanese language when I was a child but I forgot a lot because I don´t practice but I still can read some words. Warm wishes to you my friend!

Sandra said...

Hi Mina...eu sou uma otako muito bem assumida...e quase resolvida,pois ainda falta conhecer o Japão(o que é meu sonho).Minha sobrinha(que também se chama Kamilla)voltou final do ano que passou do japão onde morou por muitos anos.Espero que este ano do dragão traga ótimos momentos e oportunidades para todas nós.O meu signo chinês é dragão.que delicia de comidas japonesas seu amado pai preparou.Que pai maravilhoso!!O bebê César e a Camila estão lindos!!!Parabéns,como mãe sei que os momentos com nossos filhos requer muita atenção e cuidado aos detalhes de uma boa educação.Que legal que seu marido esteve no japão.gostaria de ver mais fotos tiradas lá no japão...E feliz ano do dragão Mina san.Beijo no seu coração.

Mina said...

Sandra: Você sempre me deixa comentários tão delicados, obrigada pela visita, tomara que um dia você conheça o Japão, é realmente um lugar encantador. Beijos!

harumi said...

ah, que família linda e fofa!!!
e que presentes adoráveis, hein?
mas, Mina, agora vc me deixou com lombrigas de sushi... culpa sua!! (hihihi)
da harumi

Amanda said...

how lucky you are to have such delicious sushi be prepared by your dad!

such precious fotos of your little ones.....bet they're happy to have daddy back home ;-)

p.s. i love green tea too

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Mina, your papa is so talented and those sushi he made looked so yummie!! Loving these gorgeous photos so much and your neighborhood is just beautiful! So glad your sweet hubby is back and he brought you some really thoughtful gifts! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Mina said...

Harumi: obrigada, querida! Hahaha, então, deu vontade de comer sushi,né! beijos!

Amanda:Green tea is tasty and healthy! Thank you for your comment, you are always so welcome here!

Jacqueline: Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to see more sewing stuff from you!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Que bom que o seu pai está ainda com vocês... e que vista do hotel no Japão hein? Acredita que nunca fui nesse templo, tenho vontade de ir um dia... podemos combinar de irmos juntas!