Saturday, March 10, 2012

Birthday celebrating

My little girl turned 8 and she had many celebrations like this one above , a picture taken at school and the frame she set up herself on the digital camera. Oh, wasn´t it yesterday that this girl was born and slipped into my hands so small with her tiny eyes looking up at me?!!

Meanwhile, this baby boy turned 1 , yes, ONE!! And this pretty little giggling boy , smiling and exploring the whole world around him is our reason to live.

These two are our blessing and every day I am grateful for their lives, the happiness they bring in small atitudes that fills our moments with love, joy and hope.
Summer days in the hammock makes him smile

We made a small family party at home , very simple surrounded by her aunts, cousins and playing and running around the house.

I´m so very happy to see these two kids , playing together spending their own moment , sometimes in absolute silence and sometimes with much joy , laughing out loud !



Lori ann said...

happy birthday to your beautiful babies! and to you too dear mina, oh my where does time go? such sweet photos, i'm so happy for you. thank you for sharing.
xxx lori

Miki said...

Parabéns Mina,
Muitas felicidades para a Cami
e o Cesar !!!!
Já o primeiro aniversário !
Passa muuuito rápido...
bjs com carinho,
Miki e Letícinha : )

Vanessa Maurer said...

Querida Camila, parabéns pelos seus 08 anos! Que você se torne cada dia mais bela e mais querida, do que já parece ser!
Querido César, parabéns pelo seu primeiro ano de vida! Que outros muitos anos venham pela frente, lhe trazendo muita saúde!
E parabéns para os pais, que tão carinhosamente enchem essas bençãos dos céus de amor e felicidade!

A festinha estava linda Mina, adorei os detalhes e a caneca de farol é um encanto!

Muitos beijos querida

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet mina, both of you little ones are just so precious! Happy BIRTHDAY to both of them!! Looking at their precious beautiful faces always make me smile! I am loving all the little details of the party decorations! Love love the theme too! I hope it was a wondeful merry happy celebration! Love to you and yours!

Amanda said...

such precious fotos mina - happy birthday wishes to your two little ones and sending many blessings!


Sweet bug said...

Querida Camila, Cesar, and Mommy Mina!
Congratulations! Que festa gostosa. May you God fill you all with his love and blessings.
Happy Birthday! Love from all of us here in Tokyo!

Nakinha said...
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Mina said...

Lori: Time passes so quickly! Thank you for your sweet comment! with much love.

Miki: Que saudades amiga, obrigada! beijos na Leticinha!!!

Van: Muito obrigada querida, beijos!!

Jacqueline: Thank you for your kindness, your words always make me smile, too!

Mina said...

Amanda: Thank you , they are the meaning of my life , we really had a good time celebrating their birthdays!

Andrea: Obrigada!! Que Deus abençoe Mayumi também, sempre! beijos!

Sandra said...

Hi Mina!!Filhos lindos e saudáveis...vcs são abençoados e em muito que agradecer.Parabéns para sua filhinha linda e para o bebê César.que festa linda!!grande beijo para todos com muito,muito carinho.

Angela said...

that last picture of the two together made my tears come up. What a happy, silent, precious moment. They can both give love, because they have learned to receive it from you, sweet Mina! Those table decorations are so pretty! Hod did you make them? I wish I could sit beside you and look over your shoulder! And I`d play with Camila and César all day (so you could go out and buy yourself a new hat or what you`d like, haha). One day we MUST get together! OR i must dream of you again. Much love from Geli in still cold Germany

jacqueline said...

Happy weekend sweet mina!! Looking at these photos make me smile again! I hope you and yours had a wonderful celebration! Love to you!

Beti Copetti said...

Parabéns pra vocês! Estas crianças são lindas! Adoro passar por aqui e ver o crescimento dos dois.

A Camila conheci pequeninha, pelo flickr, e mostrava a foto dela pra todos aqui em casa, como uma das crianças mais bonitas que tinha visto. E o Cesar só veio confirmar esta fabriquinha de belezuras de vocês!

Muita saúde e muita felicidade pra esta família!

kyndale_pease said...

Happy Birthday to the both of them! It's such a bleep in time and they are big and it's hard to remember what they were like when they were little. That's why I love blogging.

What a lovely spread you made for the birthday celebration! Are they savory or sweet buns? I'm so interested in the food you show us pictures of.

I hope you're having a great day.

The new header picture of the hammock is awesome!


Mina said...

Sandra: Muito obrigada pelo seu carinho de sempre, tenha uma ótima semana, beijos!

Angela: That sounds great, I would maybe go out to buy new boots for the coming winter ( I LOVE boots!!), and yes, please do dream of me again ;o)

Beti: Muito obrigada, você sempre deixa mensagens muito delicadas , você viu como o tempo passa, desde a época no Flickr... beijos!

Mina said...

Kyndale: We had a small family celebration at my house and these small sweets are a very typical Brazilian ones made of cocoa, another one is made of coconuts and condensed milk, they are all so great and bring me memories of my childhood! Thank you for your sweet message. xo

shi said...

Oi Mina :)
Eu peguei a muda lá no mato lá em SC.
Tenho uma, vc quer?

kyndale_pease said...

Do coconuts grow in Brazil?

I wish someday I could get down to South America!

My daughter is going with her grandma to Central America and Ecuador in a few weeks. I can't wait to hear about it when she gets home!

xo Kyndale