Friday, June 08, 2012

Moments of the week ( last week)

 We had beautiful warm days last week and I could take baby César outside , watch him playing with small things of nature, breathe some cool air, touch and feel new textures like grass, feel the warmth of the sun, look at the blue sky... so good to be surrounded by nature.

 Meanwhile ::
Camila had a great time with her school mates when they went to Pinacoteca do Estado ( a famous Museum in São Paulo city) to learn more about artist Alberto Giacometti and on their way she took our small Pentax digital camera and took some shots as you see below.

This is a beautiful old train station called Estação da Luz and if you come to São Paulo, this is a must see attraction for the amazing interior architecture constructed at the end of 19th century for the São Paulo Railway company ( an English origin company) that nowadays holds a Portuguese Language Museum and of course, it still is a train station.

I guess this one she took from inside the bus, great view , isnt´it?

Through the  eyes of a child, I like to see these shots!

And near our home, we had a special guest, can you find it?  Yes, a beautiful toucan came to pick some fruits and then suddenly we saw more toucans around!!

And after the rain we can see wonderful webs like this, from my bedroom window , I just can think how amazing life is and thank to nature for everyday beauty that surrounds us.
Well, that´s all for now and thank you for coming by!!
Have a great weekend with much joy and inspiration.


Juliana Kimura said...

sua filha é uma fotógrafa de mão cheia! rs as fotos ficaram lindinhas!

e seu filho é uma graça!

beijocas ;*

Lori ann said...

hi mina! look how big your boy is getting! so adorable.

Amanda said...

what an adorable shot of baby cesar touching the plant - it must feel so prickly on his little hands!

Mina said...

Juliana: Obrigada, ela vai adorar seu comentário!rsrs!

Lori: Did you see him? Now he is walking and falling all the time but he is happier than ever!

Amanda: Everything is so new to him so he is always looking for different things to touch, discovering the world around him!


Ah! You are a beautiful family! Thank you for visiting, I'm following you now too :))

Mina said...

Bikbik: Thank you so much, you are always welcome here! And thank you for following me!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Que delícia de passeio da Camila... muito bem registrado!
E o pequeno grande César a cada dia que passa está mais fofo ainda!

Beti Copetti said...

Mas que coisa querida a Camila fotografando! Tem jeito a guriazinha!