Thursday, August 02, 2012

Welcome August!

 Hi everybody, welcome to August , winter season down here but summer weather , sometimes... and it feels so good when the sun comes up to bless our days, we have this strange season that we wear all kind of clothes in just one day.

I just bought this very cute book that includes some stuff to sewing , many fun pages of making softies, fabric dolls, small goodies that we can make with the kids, just what I was looking for sewing together with my daughter!

 these are the stuff that came inside the "kit de costura" envelope attached to the book. Wonderful , don´t you think?
 Camila has just came back from her trip to the US with my brother and my sister in law and she bought some yummy things in her bag, take a look!
 I asked her to bring these things because it´s so expensive here in our country and we really love them!

And here is baby César, under the warm sun , playing around our yellow house, barefoot. the best thing to do when you´re home!
 and Camila came back asking for fruits, lots of fruits to eat!

 Oh, and I always get this brochure from Maine and it´s so inviting!!! Who knows maybe someday I will visit there again... We love lobsters, lighthouses and nature...
Wishing you all a great weekend ( oh, yes, it´s a little early to say this, I know!) but I guess I´ll be back here only next week, sooo...
Thank you for your visit and taking your time to read all of this! You really mean a lot to me.


kyndale_pease said...

I love Maine too. I just love New England!

Lori ann said...

well how exciting! camilla came to the us?! and brought all those treats! the book you bought looks like a lot of fun, and OH MY baby cesar!! he's so very cute mina!

Amanda said...

wow - i am impressed with camila - what a grown up girl to travel with her uncle and aunt on such a big trip!

friends are just visiting us from spain and israel this summer and they too bought lots of things in the states to take back home, as it's too expensive there as well.

Mina said...

Kyndale: There are so many beautiful places I´d like to visit but New England is on my wish list to go again!

Lori: Yes, she´s been to the US and she absolutely loved it!

Amanda: She is very independent, isn´t she?!
And yes, your country has so many great food that I always ask for something to the friends that go there.