Sunday, January 13, 2013

What I see (almost) every day

 How are you ? Here are some things that I see at home, in the playing room and in the living room, my daughter´s crayons ( and her brother´s curious hands...) , playing blocks , all so colorful and cute, I love them!

And outside, in the garden I am enchanted by this wild berry I´ve got from a special blog friend , Shi, it came in a small vase beautifully wrapped and now, you can see how gorgeous it is on the ground?!!! And I´ve already ate some berries, very yummy!!

 In the backyard I have this acerolas growing , plenty of them and after the rain, it grows much more and it´s something very healthy so, why not making some juice of them?

 Today we went to São Roque and Ibiúna and I bought some of these eggs, I love eggs!! These ones are sold in a supermarket that Shi told me, it´s close to her lovely house. They have so many interesting , wonderful and cheap things ... Small towns , I do love going there!

Camila wanted to eat some donuts and we went to a small Cafe in São Roque town called Café Donuts and while César was sleeping inside the car, I bought some donuts to go . Yes, I´ve ate it already with decaf coffee, here at home! yum!!

 Oh, and I bought at the supermarket some lettuce for dinner , the salad will be delicious tonight!!

 And when I arrived home, the postman had just left this postcard for me!!! It´s from the Netherlands, a postcrosser that sent me this adorable postcard from a very famous children´s book illustrator, Fiep Westendorp


Juliana Kimura said...

E quem resiste aos donuts?

Beijos! :)

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet Mina, this is such a beautiful post! Have a lovely merry happy week and love to you!

Mina said...

Juliana: Pois é, somos fã como o Homer Simpson, hehe! beijos!

Jacqueline: My dear friend, thank you for your visit , wishing you all the best for you this week!

shi said...

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee minha plantinha cresceu e você encontrou o supermercado :D:D:D
Mina, precisamos combinar uma aventura numa tarde dessas. Pensei em descobrir algum roteiro bem natureba :)

Amanda said...

wishing you a very happy new year dear mina! i love the foto of the little hands in the crayon box!

please tell us what are acerolas?


adela yannini said...

Lindo!!!! eu amo.