Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Birthday Countdown

Phew! I´m feeling better now after 3 days of pain, fever, sinusite and backache! What was that? I mean, everything came at the same time and I couldn´t even wake up to cook , poor Camila that wanted me to play games with her, I could only play some puzzle games but then my head was spinning!!!
I took a nap in the Sunday afternoon and she stood by my side and slept with me, so sweet...

But finally today I could go to an English School for Kids to take her for the test and she liked and plus, I guess I found a class for me too!!!!!After that, she went to school and I made the lunch for Edu and we had lunch together, quickly because I had the choir rehearsal in the afternoon. It was very funny, all those old ladies making fun, my mom making jokes and the afternoon tea was delicious brought from Keiko, the Maricota friend!

I´m sorry for thie horrible , ugly flashlight, I hate flashes on photographs but couldn´t avoid it to post today, I couldn´t wait until tomorrow´s morning natural sunlight that I love so much! Just to say that Camila is enjoying and having lots of fun playing the decoration of her Birthday Countdown Calendar.
Yesterday she said to me: Mom, I´m so anxious for my birthday because I´ll be FIVE YEARS OLD!!! So cute, my little baby is getting "old", hahahaha...

Today I´m very happy and grateful for everything that´s happening in my life, for the friends I have, for these days I could rest and for the English School I finally found, for everybody´s health and safety ( because we live in a big city...) and for the chance of having this place to share with all of you, thank you for coming by everytime, you are welcome everyday!!!! And I´m sorry for not writing all these past few days ...

Take care and see ya!!

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Sweet bug said...

I am glad you are better ! Hei ! Let me know about the English thing !! I hope the school isn't called The English Workshop ! They say the teacher there is a little strange !! Hahaha ! Tell Camila I am preparing her present ! Yokunatte yokatta ! Anshin shimashita !!!

sonia said...

entaõ ela melhorou né?
eu acho que ela deve ser que nem o Pedro ansioso quando era o aniversário e todaaaaaaaaaaaaa vez ficava doente antes,heuheuheuhe
beijos uncle so