Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My life with umbrella

This is the one I carry in my car, all the time, my companion.

Do you know what I secretly love? UMBRELLAS! If I could I would ask for everyone an umbrella for my birthday but... that would sound stupid or wierd, isn´t it? What would I do with so many umbrellas in my life, in my house? ok,ok, shoes , bags , too!! I love them! But they are more usable, I guess... hmmm... men don´t understand, Edu will get into crisis if I buy one more pair of shoes,hahahaha! He is lucky that I am very straight with our money and I don´t go out spending on any wonderful, beautiful, unforgettable shoes and bags and umbrellas I find in the shops !
Well, I´m looking for some inspiration for my new work and my next project will be themed on umbrellas and I´ve found this amazing photograph on google search and I´m not sure about the copyrights but I´ll leave the source here :

Lately it´s been raining a lot and I confess, it´s my happiness that I can use my favorite one, a pink and brown umbrella , a beautiful combination that reminds me chocolate and MM´s !!!

See you around!

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Sweet bug said...

Ufufu ! Reading this post , I had a brilliant idea for your birthday ! Ufufu !
Juuuuuust you wait and see !!!