Friday, February 27, 2009

It´s a special day

Parenting feelings: Oh my, it´s been 5 years that you were born and now look at you!! Talking, running, jumping like a rabbitt all the time, happy , always so happy and friendly.
I only have to say that I cannot imagine my life without you and you are everything to me and today , well, let´s celebrate every little moment here at home and then you will have a fabulous day with your school friends!
Happy Birthday dear Camila! Now you can open wide your hand and show how old are you!!!

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Sweet bug said...

(^o^)v Happy Birthday !!!
Happy happy 5 years old!
I am very happy for all of you!
May God bless Camila!
Salve dia 27 de fevereiro !!

Beti Copetti said...

Parabéns pra Camila e pra mamãe! Feliz aniversário, bonequinha!!!!

Marcos said...

Dear Mina,
Happy birthday to Camilinha and congratulations to you and to Edu!
That God bless all your beautiful family, that is what I'll beg in my prayers!

Pil said...


a huge happy birthday to you!! I wish you all the best!

kisses and hugs!

Mina said...

Thank you so much Andrea, Beti, Marcos and Patricia!!
I love you!