Sunday, March 22, 2009

Crafting !

Inoui is the perfume I love and use since I don´t know, when I was 20, 25?? And I still love its aroma, so I´ve put this one on Camila´s heart!

This little doll came from Flor de Maracuja and now it has a heart beside her! with my M! Red, everything is red in this corner!

Making of Camila´s heart!

Making of Mayumi´s heart! It was supposed to be a secret but I´m not good at it, i just wanted to show how it is , on this photo... curious????

Oh my, finally I could sit and open a book , specifically Stitched in Time from Alicia Paulson and decide what to make for this weekend. It has to be quick and funny so I chose this little heart that´s adorable because it can be used in many ways, in the drawer as a sachet because I´ve put some perfume on it or hang it at the curtain or at any corner of your house! It has a pretty ric rac on it, too! I love ric racs!

So I did the first one for myself and then I decided to make two, one for my daughter and another for the dearest girl that lives in Japan with my "sister" , I hope she likes it!

Camila is out , she went to Parque da Monica with her uncle and aunt so I could finish all of them right now! Yay!!!!!Good, I´m happy for these little ones!!!!

It´s raining and I like that, it makes me feel lazy, I just wanna go to my couch and read some good book and boy, I have many of them to choose from!

Have a nice week everyone!

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Beti Copetti said...

Coração é uma coisa que sempre gosto de fazer. Com frequência eles acompanham as peças que vendo, como um carinho pra quem compra meu trabalho. E são muitos os locais onde podem ficar expostos!

Sweet bug said...

To curiosa!!! Curiosidade matou o gato, ne?? Vou me conter. Obrigada pelo carinho! She is going to love it.

Mina said...

Beti, sou fã dos seus trabalhos e imagine quando a pessoa recebe um mimo seu !!! É de encher o coração de alegria!!! Beijos!

Mina said...

Andrea, ainda quero fazer mais alguma coisa... hmmm, tô pensando, pensando... mas o que quer que seja, farei com muito carinho! beijos!

Lori ann said...

Mina, I have enjoyed your blog so much! I envy your time to craft, I have this book by Alicia also, isn't it great?
I love your red corner!

Mina said...

Lori, I do love this book, I enjoy making every single thing ! Thank you for stopping by!!!