Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kids crafting afternoon

Thanks to the idea sent by Rosa from Tessitura Kids , we had a wonderful and funny Sunday afternoon!
We took many things from our Recycling Box, full of interesting material and these were the easiest ones to find out! Toilet paper rolls are the best!
Fabric stashes are all over our house so it was a good idea for I could clean up some of them!!
You won´t believe how kids get entertained by drawing the face, painting and creating these boys and girls and animals, it´s so much fun , for kids and adults too, why not? Creativity is in everyone´s mind...

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Sweet bug said...

Hi Mina!!
Toilet Paper Rolls are good! The other day Harvard found our stock and was shocked! It scared him! He never thought that those could be of some use! Hahaha!

Mina said...

I guess there are more things he will still find out in your life , that´s good!!!! I´m happy for you!! Poor guy, women are so scary...

Maria Filomena said...

Lindo também.... Estás de parabéns, Mina!!!!! um grande abraço e beijos de Maria Filomena

Sonia said...

Hi Mina ! :) First of all, sorry for not returning your visits ... I'm terribly sorry.
Paper rolls, aaah we already used them, but that was long ago. But my boys always take them out of the toilet bin (clean, only paper rolls inside) & they use them for building houses or things like that.
Your use was lovely & soooo cute ! :D
I hope you're having a great end of the week. Take care !! xoxo