Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend is over!

I´ve been so busy all these days, I´m sorry Blog readers ...
Many things are changing and one of them? My new Sewing Studio is almost ready!!! Yay!! It´s been painted, remodeled and I just have to organize myself to put all those sewing stuff into boxes and bring to the new space and some guys will have to carry all the furniture, storages, equipments and so on and so forth!
Well, and I had a little cold but I´m fine now, many vitamins and lots of tissue boxes !
Do you remember that my former neighbor had this Jaboticaba tree and she used to give Camila the fruits? She left the house ( the one I rented) and she gave THE TREE to Camila on her birthday as a present she should take care of and Camila was so happy with this treasure. Everyday she goes there and waters it, takes a look if there is any jaboticaba to pick and counts the ones that still are not good. Now there are lots of flowers, tiny little ones, so beautiful!
Today she ate this one that you see on the photo and it sounded delicious, big and sweet she said!
So , I hope you have a sweet week so sweet as this jaboticaba!

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