Friday, April 10, 2009

After school

Children love ART!!! And she had lots of fun making these masks, painting them and making Easter chocolate eggs at the English School. It began on Tuesday, they all prepared and made the chocolate decoration and today they wrapped and finished the carrot to hold the eggs.

Tomorrow we will eat codfish, I love the one my mom cooks, since I was a kid, the same taste, very salty but lots of potatoes and carrots in a soup!

Wishing you all a fantastic Easter celebration! And lots of chocolates to eat, oh My! what will it happen to my jeans????

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Sweet bug said...

Happy Easter my love! To you and all your dear ones!
Easter Eggs, Codfish, hmmmm, you can think about the diet another day!! Have fun! And eat as much codfish as you wish!! Por min tambem!!

Lori ann said...

How lovely everthing is! I Love your new sewing space, how lucky you are, and all your photos of nature were amazing and so pretty. Have fun with all your decorations and yummy food, Happy Easter!

Beti Copetti said...

Uma alegria tudo isto para a Camila, né? Mesmo que a gente entre no clima, faça comidinhas e presentes craft, acho que a infância é a melhor época pra aproveitar estas festas.
Feliz Páscoa pra vocês!

Mina said...

Pode deixar Andrea, I´ll be thinking about you!

Lori , thank you, Happy Easter for you too!!!

Beti, Uma Feliz Páscoa para vocês também!