Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Don´t you just love this?

The morning sunlight is soft and I love watching the clothes been bathing by the sun... The breeze is so comforting , oh, I love Autumn...

Jaboticaba tree in front of Camila´s window, outside. Don´t they just look like snowflakes ? And suddenly they pop up becoming these little green sweet jaboticaba fruits! Pretty little moments that I admire in my life.

Erica is the name of this tiny beautiful flower. I love the name, I have a childhood friend named Erica who is delicate and beautiful , too!

Mother nature, always so perfect even in the simple things in the garden. It´s like heaven!

Old things remain everywhere around my house, they are filled by history, they have seen the rainy days and bright colored days since a long time ago...

Red, always red, I like metal objects painted in RED!

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