Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sitting on this chair...

This afternoon, I sat on this chair ( with a suitcase full of fabrics to be organized, yes, I´m lazy!) covered by this cute vintage design fabric that I love , love, love, from Goodness and I started looking around my new studio and found these four ramekins that I had bought some time ago, waiting for some transformation and tada! I´ve just remembered and old Handmade Zakka book my father had brought to me from Japan and made these pretty little ramekin pincushions.
It was fun to make them, so quick and easy and also I loved taking pictures of them, the sunlight that visited us into the studio through the window was so amazing!

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Lori ann said...

That looks so cute! what a great idea, I might have to try it. I love your new sewing room and with natural light? oh how wonderful!
♥ lori

Mina said...

Hi Lori! it´s been exciting for me , sewing in my new room!!! It feels that inspiration are coming differently, and, it feels good!!!
Have a nice week!