Sunday, May 17, 2009

Celebration weekend

Surprise party!

These few days I´ve been busy just celebrating my birthday which was on Friday, 15th. Yep, one more birthday filled with joy, happiness , health , love and ... lots of food!

It started in the morning after getting a bunch of kisses from husband and daughter, I went to my English class and they made me a surprise party!!!! Oh, it was amazing how happy I was and they brought English tea set with a delicious strawberry cake! Thank you girls!!!!

And then back home, mom called me to have lunch at her house so , I headed right to my Mom´s and Dad was there too to celebrate my 39th birthday!!!! And for dessert: strawberry cake!!

Then in the afternoon Clara called me to a coffee break and we went to Mystere du Chocolat near our house, an elegant chocolat shop with a few tables and good coffee.

Time to pick Camila up at school, back home and Edu arrived early ( why was that? =o)) And we wanted to each Japanese traditional food at Musashi, a very small and cozy restaurant at Pinheiros. It was so good , we ate like pigs! And Camila ate lots of sashimi ( tuna fish).

And I went to sleep so happy and feeling everything good but old!!!

Oh, and THANK YOU for everyone that called me, e-mailed me , left messages on my cell phone while I was having class or driving, sent me cards by traditional mail... thank you , I love you !!

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Suzana Duarte said...

Querida Mina,
Te desejo tudo de melhor sempre! Muita Saúde, Amor, Paz, Feliciadade e Realizações!
Me desculpe, mas soube agora do seu aniversário.... :o(
beijo grende
Suzana ;o)

Beti Copetti said...

Deixei meus cumprimentos no flickr, mas agora passo por aqui e vejo que teu dia de aniversário foi cheio de alegria! Uma maravilha isto! beijo, querida, e só posso te desejar muita saúde pra curtir a vida - que isto você sabe fazer muito bem!

Mina said...

Querida Suzana, muito obrigada,beijos!

Beti, que bom receber tantas mensagens, tantos cumprimentos por aqui e no flickr!!! Beijos!!!

Pil said...

Olá! Apesar de atrasada, não poderia deixar de passar aqui e te desejar um Feliz Aniversário!