Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crafting with children

It´s a good way for a kid to see her drawing turned into something tridimensional and then they can play with these stuffed goods!

These two Camila made in one night , drawing on the white fabric with a fabric pen and helping me to choose the right buttons and the backing fabrics. Her mommy that comes to be me, had to sew quickly for her to play with them. Believe me , she was very excited with these monsters she created and we played a lot later on!

It´s getting dark here, it´s a chilly Sunday and I like it so much! Yesterday I could wear some long sleeve shirts , had to pull from the bottom of my drawer!!! yay!!!! isn´t it so cozy???? Well,I guess I´ll have a cup of cocoa now... excuse me, have a wonderful end of the day and a week full of sewing, crafting, cooking, sleeping, having fun and everything good!

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Beti Copetti said...

Quer me adotar? hem? ;-))