Friday, July 24, 2009

Before the busy work...

A very carefully prepared tea...

... with some good friends and it´s all set.

This is my Tofu Strawberry which came from my dear friend Sweet Bug!

These pretty little candies was sent from my Dad who lives in Japan, yummy!
Thanks Papa!!

And I must tell you, I´m tired of so much rain!

But... I could find beauty in the raindrops.
I love macro lens ( Nikon 100mm , 2.8) and the Nikon D-200 , they are fantastic!



sonia said...

i love macro lents too!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bjs sosso

Sweet bug said...

(^o^)/~~Hi Strawberry!!
It rains a lot here too.

Lori ann said...

yes that lovely macro lens!

beautiful photos mina! i hope you had a great weekend ☺

♥ lori

Tammy said...

what a lovely, lovely shot of the rain. and those japanese candies! yum yum! they have the best of everything in japan, don't they?

Mina said...

Sonia, I love your photos, too! Beijos!

Sweet Bug: Hello , I need some sunshine down here!!!

Dear Lori: Thank you, have a wonderful week!

Dear Tammy: Thank you! Yes , we all love those Japanese goodies!

Beti Copetti said...

Chuva sem parar é muito chato, mas que dá pelas fotos, ah, isto dá!!!

Mina said...

Oi Beti! E a chuva continua, gente tô mofando aqui dentro de casa!!! mas, é ótimo tirar fotos mesmo! beijos!