Monday, October 12, 2009

Kid´s day celebration

In Brazil we celebrate Children´s Day in October , 12th and this year Camila wanted us to take her to the Zoo Safari where we can enter with our own vehicle to the animals area, it was such a great idea because we could spend our special moment together, the three of us and she will have this day in her memory forever... She really enjoyed visiting this place!

Today after a very windy morning, there came the rain , lots of rain to tell you the truth! In the afternoon Camila got her gift from her grandma, a bicycle that made her so happy that she couldn´t stop riding until the sunset and after the strong rainy afternoon, the sky got purple , something special and so beautiful...

Oh, and her uncle gave her a microscope that she really enjoyed , now she looks after bugs and any kind of insect everywhere around the house. Something good that keeps her away from the TV, thank you so much, tio!!!



ana sinhana said...

Como a Camila está linda, Mina! E grande!
Bom restinho de dia das crianças pra vcs!

jacqueline said...

Oh Mina, i adore the new layout of you blog and that wonderful banner! Such a lovely day celebration for kids! Your girl is really sooo adorable. Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

Sweet bug said...

Happy "Dia das Criancas"!! And look at her new Bicycle!! Wow!! And it is red!! Mayumi's is red too!!
I am happy for her!!

Patricia said...

Vim fazer uma visita e agradecer a visita ao meu blog. Que blog bacana você tem!! Voltarei mais vezes.
PS. Meu filho também é fã do Zoo Safari.

Mina said...

Ana, espero que o "seu" dia das crianças tenha sido ótimo, adorei o seu post sobre o dia! beijinhos!

Jacqueline Thank you for your kind words, have a happy week!

Andrea : What a coincidence, now red is one of her favorite colors, the bike is the Hot Wheels one!

Patricia: Feliz Dia das Crianças para o seu menino! obrigada pela visita, beijos!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Que dia das crianças lindo! Presentes e afetos juntos... isso é muito bom! Beijocas

Lori ann said...

So sweet! your daughter looks so pleased, sounds like a lovely day.
Hi Giraffe!