Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The sun has arrived in my sewing studio!

I´m back, sewing and having thousands of ideas that I´ll have to write down on my notebook, try to organize a little before I start but today I´ve sewn something that later on I´ll post here for you! And it´s yellow as you can see here in the sewing machine picture!

I just can´t survive without them!

This sewing machine... Oh, it has been working for years and years, I really love and respect it!!
I love flowers of every kind, these are fake but I like them a lot and they decorate my window .

At the entrance of the studio, some embroidery framed work, a clock ( not working!) and a pretty key hanger I bought some years ago .

My reformed lampshade with scraps!
More scraps of fabric , now I sewed them on the curtain, it became more colorful!

Isn´t that wonderful ? Finally after days of grey skies, windy days the sun has come to our place and brought together some inspiration for me to take some fabrics, choose colors and take photographs , too!

I´m happy now.

Have a sunny day!



jacqueline said...

This is such an inspiring post! Makes me want to work harder with sewing. :) I adore your reformed lampshade...gorgeous! Oh and look at that nice storage space you have! Have a lovely merry happy day and i look forward to see your creations! Love to you!

Mina said...

Jacqueline: I´ve been out of my life of sewing and now I feel inspired surrounded by the beauty of nature and a cozy place to work. Thank you for visiting, have a wonderful weekend, Love!

Vanessa Maurer said...

Ai que delícia poder sentar no atelier novo, curtir a disposição de cada objeto, observar o balançar das cortinas ao vento, sentir as inspirações, ouvir os novos sons... Seja muito feliz no seu novo craft room! Bjs

Célia said...

Mina Mina Mina
Como vc consegue fazer as coisas simples ficarem tão especias?
o atelier de costura ficou um charme! colorido, tranquilo e simpatico como sua personalidade.
Da vontade de ficar lá costurando... esquecer da vida...perfeito!
parabéns pelo bom gosto

Lori ann said...

Oh wonderful! I love the thread photo, well all of them, so inspiring! I am so glad for you that the sun came out, I do know that feeling.
I can't wait to see what you have sewn Mina, now you are making me want to set up my machine again(which i love and respect also!)
have fun and enjoy!

sonia said...

tá bunito ein!!!!!!!!!!!!
bjs sosso

gardenmama said...

You are very creative : )
I enjoyed seeing a peek into your studio!

A dona do chapéu said...

Amei as cores do seu blog! Alegria!

Mina said...

Van: Agora não tem jeito, preciso botar a máquina para trabalhar, não há desculpas,hehehe, beijos!

Célia: Já falei que vc. precisa vir aqui conhecer, vamos marcar um dia, ok? beijinhos!!

Lori: Now I feel that I must work hard, it´s everything ( or almost) set up for me, happy sewing to you, too!! Love,

Sô : obrigada, beijos!

Nicole: Thank you for visiting, you are always welcome!!!

Di: obrigada, a vida para mim é assim, colorida mesmo! beijos!