Thursday, March 18, 2010

What I love!

The Knick Knack Exchange package has just arrived and I am so glad with all these sweet lovely things Danielle sent to me!
She loves birds and the little cute pendant is adorable! The photographs are so artistic that I have already put on my inspiration board in my studio with the key card that she wrote to me.

And the earrings are adorable!!!

She also sent me some fantastic vintage buttons that now are part of my button collection and talking about buttons I wanted to show you some of them . I can´t explain why I like them so much but just looking at them or choosing them for some work is something that makes me feel so happy...

When I need some inspiration I open my box of buttons, spread them all on an old tray and I start picking them , one by one, take a look at the details, the color and its design

Red, yellow, blue, gray, green... Aren´t they just lovely?

What makes you smile ?

Have a wonderful lovely weekend!



Vanessa Maurer said...

Botões com certeza me fazem sorrir e muito! Boa semana querida... beijos

gardenmama said...

Such beautiful photos!
I absolutely agree with you, my button collection also brightens my day : ) They are all like little pieces of candy!

Lori ann said...

these are beautiful! and your celebration looked wonderful Mina!

Mina said...

Van: Imagine quantas fãs de botões existem no mundo! beijos, querida.

Nicole: That´s true, for me picking a button in my hand is like having a piece of heaven!

Lori: Thank you Lori, celebrations are always so positive!