Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corners of my home

Hi everyone! Today I decided to share with you some of the corners of my home that I see everyday when I wake up.

The first place I go in the morning is the living room where I can see how is the day, sunny or rainy, windy ... And then I look to my left side and out of the window I can see this huge fruits hanging on not so huge tree which I haven´t found out what it is exactly but I tell you, it´s sweet like a Ponkan but too big!!!

Here is my TV /DVD, book corner where I spend most of the time when I am resting and relaxing. And on the couch I sew and drink my everyday cup of coffee.

Then my little girl wakes up on her pajamas and she comes to say good morning holding three or four stuffed animals, normally the husky dog, the dolphin, the sea lion and another dog...

And now the flowers I ´ve got on my birthday and their perfume is all over the house, I adore them!
Flowers are so beautiful and for me they look like Mandalas, so perfect!

Look at those petals, their perfection, the color and texture...

and how they make a small corner so beautiful and full of energy attracting the sunlight.

I love this wooden plate that a Sister from our church gave us when we got married. And I wish you the same, Faith, Hope and Love to all of you this week!



Lori ann said...

Those are beautiful corners Mina, i like getting to peek at where you live.
What kind of fruit is that? Does it taste good?
hi sweetie Camilla!

jacqueline said...

Dear Mina, your home is so beautiful! I am loving that apple tree and all the gorgeous flowers you have around your home. YOu little girl is really adorable...i love waking up in my pajames and stay in it for a while. Loving that gorgeous wooden plate too! Have a lovely merry happy weekend and love to you!

My Owl Barn said...

You have a beautiful home! I love that tv/book corner and the stone below that is stunning! Have a great weekend.

Sweet bug said...

Hi Mina!! Tell you what!! Do like us... When Mayumi and I don't know or don't remember the name of things... we simply name them!! Hahaha!! And it is fun!! Ask Camila to name the fruit... I bet she will have fun!!

Mina said...

Lori: I intend to show you little by little some corners of my home.This fruit , well, it´s some type of orange, I think... I wish I could send one to you!!!

Jacqueline: Pajamas are so great , aren´t they? Thank you for coming! Have a lovely week!

My Owl Barn: Hi! thank you for stopping by, have a wonderful week!!!

Mina said...

Andrea: She is amazed by the size of the fruit! And she says it´s a huge ponkan! Wishing you a wonderful week, love you!!!

Beti Copetti said...

Bons desejos! Muito obrigada!!! ;-)

Zee said...

Lindo cantinho! Super cozy! Gostei muito das pedras ao redor da estante. E das flores também!
I do remember you. I do! Welcome back to my blog!

Angela said...

How lovely, Mina, to see your home and your sweet daughter. I would like to learn more about your surroundings, too. Cheers frm Germany!