Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Creative corner

A friend of mine asked me to make some baby bibs and I finally finished them!

Actually she asked me to make 2 but then, I got so inspired looking around and trying to choose the fabrics that I ended up making 4 more . I was looking for a simple tutorial and found out this cute blog and then she gave us the tip of this website that´s very easy ( although it´s in Japanese , you can understand it).

My constant companion: this pincushion that I made couple years ago... and....

this little girl of mine, striking a pose holding the huge orange from the garden!

Have a sweet Wednesday!!!



Sweet bug said...

What a HUUUUUge orange!! Wow!! Does it look like a grapefruit. There is one that looks like a grapefruit here in Japan, and it is called BUNTAN I think... Tell us what it taste like!!And what it looks like inside!!

sonia said...


Mina said...

Andrea: I didn´t know about this Buntan,what a funny name also!!! It tastes like ponkan and it´s very juicy!!!

Sô; beijos!

Lori ann said...

Beautiful bibs Mina! I bet your friend will love them. Thank you for the link, i always like to learn about new tutorials.
Such cute photos too, your little helper with the not so little orange is adorable.

Mina said...

Lori: I enjoy searching for any kind of tutorials , especially for sewing stuff. Baby bibs are really fun to make! Thank you for coming here!

djStoreRoom said...

The Russian dolls' baby bib is so adorable... I am sure your friend will love it!!

Mãe Mochileira,filho malinha.. said...

Olá! adorei a sua visita..amei seu comentario,e seu blog!!! onde vc mora??
acho genial essas vendas de garagem,pena que aqui no Brasil essa dica não role..
acho muito bacana!!! linda sua familia e sua casa!!!ah,os babadores que vc faz são lindos de verdade,parabens!!! estamos seguindo seu blog,tá?
beijos e otima semana!!!

Anonymous said...

Mina! The bibs were a gift for my baby girl. Me and my girlfriends loved them. So elegant!