Thursday, July 14, 2011


It´s winter but we are so lucky that the sun is warm and we can spend these holidays under the blue sky and some lovely moments just the three of us.

Some cookies to warm up our afternoon...

In the morning, inside home:
Baby C is discovering new things to play with: his own hands!

It´s been such a wonderful experience and lots of learning to spend the day with a baby and a 7 year old girl. They can´t play together so, sometimes there are some difficulties that I must deal with but anyway my days have been very exciting!

Wishing you a lovely weekend and lots of joy to all of you!!



Vanessa Maurer said...

Que bom que o inverno tem sido de dias de sóis, muito amor e piqueniques ao ar livre!

Lori ann said...

oh look at your sweet babies! little cesar is growing so quickly, camila will have a playmate in no time.
enjoy the warm days dear mina,

Beti Copetti said...

Lindas fotos, Mina! Um amor a Camila deitadinha ao lado do bebê. E ele descobrindo as mãozinhas!
Bom fim de semana!!!

Sweet bug said...

To lendo e vendo, e achando tudo muito lindo. Especialmente as criancas!! Beijos para voces!!

Amanda said...

what beautiful shots of your little precious ones mina!! blessings to your family and so glad to see you enjoying this time outside!


Mina said...

Van: Um dia faremos piquenique juntas!! beijos querida!

Lori: I feel so lucky to have these two kids here with me... Camila is enjoying her time with little Cesar every day! Thank you for stopping by!

Beti: Os dias tem sido maravilhosos por aqui, tomara que continue nesta segunda quinzena de férias! beijos!

Andrea: Quanto tempo! saudades de você e Mayumi, beijinho nas duas!

Amanda: I´ve been visiting your blog, loved your last post! with much love!

sonia said...

quem papou o pézinho dele,nham nham nham,hehehhhehe

jacqueline said...

dearest sweet mina, such gorgeous photos and happy family time! These made me smile! Your little ones are so adorable. Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

Mina said...

Sô, só pode ser você ,hehe!!

Jacqueline: Thank you for your sweet words! all the love to you!