Sunday, July 31, 2011

Me and my Dad

My Dad lives in Japan and I always think how amazing it is to have all the technology to keep us connected so close using Skype or e-mails. I remember 20 years ago, it was so expensive to talk to someone living so far and when we spoke on the telephone we could listen our own voice and that was so boring... Nowadays I can talk to my Dad as he was on the same town, it´s so loud and clear !Amazing!!

We talk sometimes and he sends me images , photographs from there and I´d like to share one of them with you.

The one above is at my house and sometimes this cute little squirrel appears right in front of me when he gets down from the tree and the next photo is from my Dad and I love this one because of the Mt.Fuji which I think it ´s so beautiful . The clear water from the river and the blue sky is something I miss from his hometown. And I miss him too but it´s always so great to hear his voice on the phone.
Tomorrow my daily routine will change, my daughter´s going back to school , her piano lessons begins and I am pretty excited to pick her up at school again after a long time staying home.

Sending you lots of love and welcoming August!



Vanessa Maurer said...

De fato, a tecnologia nesse ponto é muito boa e favorável para quem tem queridos tão distantes... Bom Agosto querida... que tenhas muito amor...

sonia said...

entendi o bom agosto.Mina tu me torturas mesmo,ave! mas com isso eu imagino o que quero,heheheheheeh

Lori ann said...

it is so nice to hear of your loving relationship with your dad. that is such a nice photo he sent you, does he live near?

good luck to camila, back to school is an exciting time! (for mama and child).
xoxo lori

Mina said...

Van: Ainda bem que temos a internet para nos comunicarmos também, senão eu nem teria te conhecido não é mesmo?? beijos!

Sô: Quando é que vc. virá aqui em casa hein, muié??? beijossss!

Lori: Yes, he lives near Fuji Mt., isn´t it so beautiful?

Camila loved going back to school and she met her old friends, so nice to see her happy!

Angela said...

My judo club was called Fuji Yama, and they had a picture of it hanging in the hall. It is such a beautiful mountain. Greetings to your Dad!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet mina, thank goodness for internet's also a way for me to communicate with my mister!
Your lovely papa takes gorgeous photos and they made me smile! Truly beautiful. Please send my regards to your papa. :) Have a lovely merry happy mid-week and love to you!

Angela said...

MIna, we have beach weather now, thank heavens. Wait, I`ll send you some photos! Thank you for your comment, love from Northern Germany

Mina said...

Geli: Judo club? I didn´t know that!! You are such an interesting woman, you know? xoxo

Jacqueline: I´ll send your kind words to my Dad, thank you so much! Have a wonderful week, my dear friend.