Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The days of doing nothing

Summer Christmas season, this happens here in Brazil with hot rainy days, lots of cold grape juices with lots of ice, too!
This is a picture I took when Camila was swimming in the pool and I was sitting with baby César by the pool, it was such a beautiful day.

Inside : precious Christmas greetings that we received from my lovely friends from all over the world, thank you so much for taking your time to write and send it by mail, we really appreciate it!

Camila and her lovely puppy that will come to live with us in a few days! We are all so very excited for this new member of the family!

And so is this little smiling baby !

Hoping you had a beautiful Christmas with your loved ones and I want to thank you for sharing your 2011 with me by posting your sweet comments that warmed me up along the year.

May your New Year of 2012 be full of love, joy, inspiration, sweet moments and happiness!!!



Lori ann said...

so many wonderful photos mina! darling cesar and camila is so big now too. how sweet the look between her and her new puppy.

wishing you a happy blessed new year and all the best for twenty twelve.
xxx lori

Maria Amélia said...

Olá Mina, um 2012 maravilhoso para você e toda família.

Angela said...

That young dog will be a wonderful addition to your family, and the children will love him and learn so much from him. Paco sends greetings to his Brazilian buddy!
(I am so happy to detect my card there).
Much love from Germany, cold and stormy.

Vanessa Maurer said...

Olá querida, vim ver como estão as coisas por aqui... espero que o seu ano novo seja repleto de doçuras e muito amor!

Amanda said...

your children are precious mina!!! so camila is getting a new puppy? lucky girl - the best christmas gift there is!

wishes to you and yours for all the best in the new year!