Sunday, December 18, 2011

A beautiful gift

So, we are all excited and counting down the Christmas Day and so is our little Rudolph!

And baby César is growing strong , healthy and full of energy, day after day!

A day of celebration , Akemi turned 3 , this little bright , shiny , smiling girl!!
Happy Birthday , little Me ( that´s how we call her) , you are an amazing sweet girl!

By the way, you see Camila by her side? She is so very scared of chickens, hens and anything with feathers that she really tried hard to smile and look that everything was okay!

And of course we had yummy food, this is the sweets party table! All made by my sisters in law that are very talented.

At the end of the party, baby César fell asleep in dad´s arms and I guess he was having sweet baby dreams... like milky chocolate or bananas falling from the sky?

Well, this was our weekend on the most simple and lovely way .

Wishing you joy and happiness with your family and friends for this week as we approach to Christmas day!



kyndale_pease said...

What a spread of food! Happy Birthday Akemi! Your family is so lovely. I just adore the way you talk about them. They're so lucky to have you as a mom! Happy Christmas! xo

Mina said...

Kyndale: I guess it´s the Christmas Season!! Happy Christmas for your beautiful family, too!

Maria Amélia said...

Olá Mina,
como o César está grande! E lindo. Parabéns, gostei dos sonhos dele rsrs. bjs e feliz Natal para todos vocês.

Beti Copetti said...

Como assim? A Camila tem medo de galinha? A carinha dela tá o máximo! hehe E que linda a foto final, do papai com os rebentos!!! Bela família, Mina! bj

Lori ann said...

dear mina, that was such a happy charming post, i enjoyed so much. and that last photo! oh my goodness, so much love. have a wonderful week ahead and very merry christmas if we dont talk!

Angela said...

Your posts always warm up my heart, Mina. You are the most loving mother, and your family (also dad) reflects your sweetness! Dreaming of milky chocolate and bananas falling from the skies, indeed! What a thought! I would have loved to have had you for a mother! Feliz Natal, all of you, including little Me.

Sandra said...

Merii Kurisumasu!!
Desejo que seu Natal e seu Ano Novo junto aos seus amores seja muito lindo e mágico.O bebê César está cada dia mais lindo,e a Camila como sempre delicada e angelical(sou mãe de três rapazes que chamo de meus meninos,não tive nenhuma garota para dividirmos nosso universo).Seja feliz Mina!!Beijo no seu coração!!

Mina said...

Mamélia: Que você tenha um Natal abençoado ! beijos

Beti: A Camila morre de medo sim, acho que puxou a avó ... minha mãe também é assim, tem pavor! Feliz Natal , beijos!

Lori: There has been 2 years that we "almost" met each other, remember? Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Geli: You are such a sweet friend, I am a very lucky one to have friends like you and I would love to take some walk with you in your town, some day...

Sandra: Você sempre me deixa palavras de carinho que alegram meu dia! Que seu Natal seja de muita paz e alegria junto à sua família e amigos! Beijos!

Amanda said...

your family is so precious, mina - little cesar is growing up fast! i think that dreams of milky chocolate falling from the sky would be the best ;-)

blessings to you and your family, dear mina, for a very happy holidays♡

with love,



Vanessa Maurer said...

A Camila é das minhas! Tenho verdadeiro pavor desses bichos! rs... O César tá tão fofolete... óin...
Beijocas querida, boas festas!

harumi said...

adorei todas as fotos! tudo fofo!!! =D
bom fim-de-ano!!!

Mina said...

Amanda: Happy Holidays to you and your family, too!

Van: Não sabia desse seu pavor, vou contar para a Camila, ela vai se sentir mais "enturmada" hehe! beijos querida!

Harumi: Feliz Natal e bom final de ano, beijos!

jacqueline said...

Dearest sweet mina, oh my such wonderful merry times! Each and every photo just made me smile and warm my heart! You have such a beautiful family! :) I hope your christmas was bright and merry! Wishing you a lovely merry happy festive time and love to you!