Wednesday, September 19, 2012

pic nic dinner - part two

 So, finally we´ve got home at about 5:30 PM and dinner was served! We took the small picnic package outside , bike and balls to play on the yard.

 Some of the special moments of the boy and girl, he´s giving his snack for his big sister and of course she has to accept!

Now it´s my turn... says the boy ( well, he doesn´t say anything, he just "thinks" himself...)

 This beautiful Steam Locomotive postcard has just arrived from Prague, capital of Czech Republic, isn´t it awesome?  I love it!

And this next one Camila received from Estonia Postcrosser, you can´t believe how big it is! Yes, the size of this postcard is about 15cm x 22cm !!!And it´s so adorable, she wanted me to show you!!

Today it´s very windy and after weeks of no rain, I hope it does today or tomorrow...
Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!!!


Amanda said...

how precious to see the sweet interaction between cesar and camila -

and what cool postcards camila has gotten!

Mina said...

hi Amanda! These are my two treasures and I will always want them to share these moments together and camila is enjoying so much about the postcard swap!

Marcia Cristina said...

Escolhi seu Blog para o prêmio Liebster Award. Dê uma olhada no post
Achei uma maneira interessante para divulgar nossos Blogs. Um abraço.

Iza K said...

sweet pictures :)