Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Friday!

 It´s been a long time I wanted to visit some friend of mine who I´ve met at the blogland and finally on Friday we could meet and she has received me on her beautiful house in the woods. You may see the pictures right here of the yummy cakes and juice she set up for me, just for me!

And here are all the sweet things she made and gave to me, the cutest sheep ever above ( it´s a fragrant candle) and a wildberry jam, you´ll see on the last picture how yummy it was, look at Camila´s picture!

 And she makes adorable soaps like this one, with passion fruit scent, it´s just so cute that I don´t think I will use it! it´s beautifully decorative.

As we walked in the woods we talked about so many things like old friends, I wish I had more time to spend there...
And she took me for a new cafe + bakery that is wonderfully decorated and the coffee is sooo great, and, she asked for a yummy nutella chocolate drink!
I just want to thank her for all the kindness and joy she gave me on this cloudy Friday , it was so unforgettable, thank you Shi!


Amanda said...

i love that passion fruit soap - so creative!

(p.s. camila looks like she is really enjoying that jam! ;-)

Vanessa Maurer said...

É tão bom ser acariciada assim... fico feliz por ti querida, mereces tudo isso!

shi said...

quero recebe-la outras vezes aqui, foi muito bom. Obrigada por tudo !!!

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